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The property is located 40 km west of Wawa, Ontario, in the Mishibishu Lake Area, Sault Ste. Marie Mining Division, District of Algoma, Ontario. The property is accessible by vehicle from Highway 17 North, 50 km north of Wawa, then west 50 km along the Paint lake Road to the Mishi Mine and Mill complex.

  • The main area of interest are the claims immediately east of the Wesdome Lease. These claims are underlain by the east-central portion of the Mishibishu Deformation Zone which is estimated by the Ontario Geological Survey to be approximately 1.5 km in width through the Mishi Lake Property.
  • Mishi North Gold Occurrence is located on the ESE trend of several gold prospects, including the Discovery, Hollinger, Amichi, and Northwest. All these gold prospects are characterized by quartz veins within highly deformed and altered metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks near the metavolcanic-metasedimentary contact.
  • The Mishibishu Lake Stock is a high-level, late-to post tectonic intrusive body of quartz monzonite to monzonite composition which intrudes the southern part of the Mishi Lake Property. Intrusive quartz-feldspar and feldspar porphyry dikes related to the Mishibishu Lake Stock are common in the vicinity of several of the gold occurrences within the MDZ, including the Mishi Lake Property
  • Mishi North Gold Occurrence consists of NW and E-W trending quartz veins enclosed by an alteration envelope; a grab sample of the NW vein contained 75 g/t Au. No channel sampling has been completed.
  • Two of the soil samples from the eastern Argo claims have the highest gold response ratios from a 2012 MMI survey completed by Kritinor Metals Inc: 164 and 28 Au Response Ratio (samples 115626 and 115632).
Mishibishu Lake - Corporate Presentation

Présentation générale de Mishi Lake Gold (EN)

Mishibishu Lake - Summary Report

Mishi Lake Gold—Rapport sommaire (EN)

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