Argo Gold Inc. - Projects Overview

Argo Gold’s has a portfolio of 10 properties located in the northern and northwestern regions of Ontario, Canada. This world-class portfolio, 100%-owned by Argo Gold, represents the potential for enormous gold, silver-zinc and cobalt resources with economic viability.

Currently, Argo Gold’s portfolio consists of 6 properties focused on Gold, 4 properties concentrated on Cobalt and one property exploring for Silver and Zinc.

Map Of Gold, Cobalt, And Zinc-Silver Projects

 Argo Gold's World Class Portfolio of Ontario Projects



Uchi Gold Project (Au)

The Uchi Gold Project is located west of Uchi Lake, Ontario at the south end of a series of historical gold mines (Uchi Mine) on a north-south trend, the Uchi Deformation Zone.

This zone is within the Uchi Geologic Subprovince, which is the 2nd largest gold area in the Canadian Shield with several multi-million ounce deposits such as the Springpole and Dixie Projects.

 Uchi Lake Gold Project (Au)

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McVicar Lake Project (Au)

The McVicar Lake Property is  located in the Patricia Mining Division approximately 370 km north-northwest of Thunder Bay, 150 km east of Red Lake and 80 km west of Pickle Lake, Ontario. 

The Bear Head Fault Zone is a significant crustal scale structure that has localized gold mineralization in the McVicar Lake Property and extends southeast 30 km where it is closely associated with the Golden Patricia Mine (past gold producer).

 McVicar Lake Project (Au)

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Angela Lake Gold Project

The Angela Lake Gold Project is near Angela Lake located about 210 km north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. The property lies at the north end of the Birch-Uchi greenstone belt in the Red Lake Mining Division.

Historical discoveries of localized gold in basal till and visible gold in boulders and past drilling confirmed a metasedimentary host rock with high-grade mineralization. Argo Gold acquired nine claim units totaling 1.7 square kilometres in the Spring of 2018.


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Abbie Lake Gold Project (Au) 

The Abbie Lake Gold Project is located 40 km south of White River and approximately 65 km northwest of the town of Wawa, Ontario.

The property’s gold mineralization is within a high-strain zone, the Iron Lake Deformation Zone, which has close similarities with the zone that hosts the Mishi and Magnacon Gold Mines. 

 Abbie Lake Gold Property

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Macassa Creek Gold Project (Au)

The Macassa Creek Gold Property is located 40km west of Wawa, Ontario, in the David Lakes (Mishibishu) Area, Sault Ste. Marie Mining Division, and District of Algoma, Ontario.

Low grade gold mineralization found on the Macassa Creek Property during past exploration that occur within shear zones are part of the regional Mishibishi Lake Deformation Zone that also hosts the Mishi and Magnacon Gold Deposits.

 Macassa Creek Gold Project

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Mishi Lake Gold Project (Au)

The Mishi Lake Gold Project is located 40 km west of Wawa, Ontario, in the Mishibishu Lake Area, Sault Ste. Marie Mining Division, Ontario.

Historic surface channel sampling and drill results show the potential to be economic viable in low-grade open pit and high-grade underground mine.


 Mishibishu Lake Gold Project

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Campfire Lake Project (Co)

The Campfire Lake Project (Cobalt) consists of 41 claim units covering 890 hectares along a possible strike extension of the Werner – Rex Lakes Fault Zone, known for Ni, Cu and Co-bearing sulfides.

An Ontario Geological Survey in 2014 discovered Co-Cu lake-sediment geochemical anomalies on the property, that are on trend with the Werner-Rex Lakes Fault and a past Werner Lake Mine site 50 kms from the Campfire Lake Project.

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Fortune Lake Project (Co)

The Fortune Lake Project (Cobalt) consists of 46 claim units covering 942 hectares on the eastern end of the Werner – Rex Lakes Fault Zone, in the Kenora Mining Division of northwestern Ontario.

The property is located on the Werner-Rex Lakes Fault Zone about 10 kilometres east of a Werner Lake (Cobalt) Mine site.

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Keelow Lake Project (Co)

The Keelow Lake Project (Cobalt) consists of 45 claim units covering 945 hectares in the Sault Ste. Marie Mining Division of north-central Ontario.

Granitoid and metasediment host rocks and anomalous cobalt in lake sediment warrants follow-up exploration in the Keelow Lake area including geological mapping, geophysics and historical work.

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Hurdman Zinc-Silver Property (Zn-Ag)

The Hurdman Zinc-Silver Project has 433 claims over 6,928 acres in the Hurdman Township located 120 kilometres NNW of Timmins, Ontario.

The property is underlain by a Hurdman Sulphide Zone considered to be a stratabound Zinc-Silver deposit at the juncture of a metasedimentary belt and structural zone.

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