Rockstar Property

The property is located 50 kilometres north-northeast of Wawa in north central Ontario, close to established transportation routes and infrastructure.

  • Two significant gold prospects have been identified on the Rockstar Property: the Rockstar Prospect and the Tracanelli Prospect.
  • The Rockstar Prospect contains visible gold mineralization in a quartz carbonate vein system hosted in a carbonate alteration zone within sheared mafic metavolcanics. The structure, mineralization, and alteration can be traced up to 250 m along strike and down dip.
  • The Tracanelli Prospect is structurally controlled with quartzcarbonate veins forming within 150° and 110° oriented shear zones. The veins are composed of quartz-iron carbonate within biotite, iron carbonate, sericite and chlorite altered host rocks.
  • There are a number of additional gold showings on the property that have not received the same level of recent exploration (Old Cabin Lake Occurrence, Mother’s Day Occurrence, Bankfield Occurrence).
  • The Rockstar Gold Property is easily accessible along the Goudreau Road, forest access roads and trails, and is located 10 km east of Richmont Mine’s Island Gold Deposit.